Dollar Store COB Pocket Light from 99 Cents Only Is it any good? Tests and comparison. Comparison Shot on a Sony A7II with a 50mm Minolta MC Rokkor-X PG 1.4 @ F/1.4 1/60s ISO…
PS2 to USB Thumbnail

Ez-PU21 PS2 to USB Review Testing and Teardown Does this PS2 to USB adapter work, and can you use it for gaming, or does it have issues?
Goodwill Electronics Grab Bag

Goodwill Electronics Grab Bag Unboxing (Ubaggoning..? Unbagging?) There's some useful looking things in this bag, but what else lurks inside?

Cutting the Cord

Thinking about cutting the cord? So what’s stopping you? There are lots of streaming alternatives to being tied to a cable or satellite provider -- both FREE and PAID.
Auto Tone Title

Don't Underestimate Auto Features In Photoshop

I recently had 2 rolls of film developed that were shot on the brand-new-to-me Pentax Spotmatic. Sadly, I underexposed most of the shots, and they look terrible. 

Black Friday Deals - Are They Worth It? | N2T2

It’s Black Friday! If you’re outside the U.S. you may not know the “fun” that is Black Friday.

How to get the AC guy to fix an Air Conditioner Start Capacitor: N2T2 EP 2

Today on New Things, New Tech: Most techs don't believe you really have a problem unless they see it first hand. I told the guy that one of the AC compressors wasn't starting all the time. We'd get repeated dimming of lights before the unit would start up. So to prove the problem, I created this video.

Which Apps Should I Disable in Android?

Let's cut to the chase, you have apps on your Android phone that you don't want, which are safe to disable? This is a non-exhaustive list of applications that can be disabled without root on our test phones (currently a Galaxy Note 3) and…

Gen Rapid Home DSi Charger Teardown and Electrical Tests

What's with this cheap third party DSi charger? Is it any good?
DSi USB Charging Cable on a Budget

DSi USB Charging Cable on a Budget

Your DSi doesn't have a charger, don't worry, we can fix that for cheap!