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Fujifilm GX680 Film Back Battery Replacement

Fujifilm GX680 Film Back Battery Replacement

(Studio images to follow, for the moment refer to the video)

There are 6 screws to remove. The first two on the back by the open lever are longer than the others. 

Two on each side. These are on the blank side. 

Two on the side with the dark slide. You can either remove the dark slide to make it easier to get to, or flip the handle out of the way to remove the screws. 

The knob at the top is actually a screw. That center part will rotate, you just have to figure out how to get a grip on it, and then it just unscrews. The plastic piece just comes right out, don’t worry about orientation, it is keyed. 

We want to go ahead and open the back, just bring down the lever until it clicks, then swing it open. 

You can now separate the back, just wiggle and it should come loose. There are no hidden snaps. You will find it easier if the lock is clicked all the way down. 

On the side you will find the battery you need to remove. 

For this part you will need a soldering iron and solder. Some wick or solder sucker can help clean up excess. In mine, the battery was adhered to the plastic with tape, I recommend lifting it off first before desoldering. Then just desolder the battery legs. 

Because I didn’t remove the tape first, I applied heat for too long, and removed the pin that the battery tab was soldered too. I simply cleaned the pad area and reattached the pin. 

To solder the new battery, I made sure the direction or polarity of the battery was correct by referencing a photo I took prior to removing the old battery. In this view, positive is on the left side of the screen, with negative being on the right, or nearest that large circular speaker/beeper. 

The tab was held to the pin, and solder was applied to the iron, then the joint. 

For the other tab, I bent it into place, and repeated soldering.

The finished soldering job is not great, but contact is made, and the connection appears strong enough.

We can test if the battery is working by holding down the bottom “call” button and making sure the screen displays. 

Now we just put the unit back together by putting the back plastic door assembly back on, making sure the opening lever is all the way down. 

Snap the back into place. 

Return the knob by putting the plastic piece on until it locks into the keyed position, then put the screw back in. 

The remainder is putting the rest of the screws in, remembering the longer ones go by the door opening lever. 

As an added step, I created a label with the date the battery was changed. The area was cleaned with an isopropyl alcohol swab and let to air dry prior to applying the label. 

It is finished! The back now successfully remembers how many exposures were taken even if the camera has power removed, or if the back is taken off of the camera. 

In the example we are on exposure 2. Removing the back, the call button still works, and it shows the correct number.   

To remove the film back from the camera, insert the dark slide into the back. Press the revolve button and turn anti-clockwise 45 degrees, the back will now free itself to pull straight off. 

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TI-55 Calculator

TI-55 Calculator Battery Replacement


How I made my TI-55 calculator work. THE THING HAS AN LED BUBBLE DISPLAY.

Want to breath new life into an old calculator? The TI-55 was one of the best in the line of scientific calculators with statistical capabilities back in the 70’s.

The TI-55 has an LED-stick using LED chips mounted and bonded to the printed circuit board, and has some 12-digits instead of the 9-digits of other calculators from the same time period.

The TI-55 calculator used a rechargeable battery pack rather than using a 9V battery, so when the rechargeable no longer worked, your battery was dead. However, the voltage and current used in the rechargeable works out to be still, 9V capable, so this video shows how one can easily adapt the TI-55 for use with a standard 9V battery.

The Bulging Battery That Smelled of Fruit

The Bulging Battery That Smelled of Fruit

Puncturing a battery is dangerous. Especially if it smells like fruit.

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