HIGH FREQUENCY N64 Controller Teardown

HIGH FREQUENCY N64 Controller Teardown and Analog + Z Trigger Repair

Let's try to fix a $1 N64 controller that was broken in a rage quit. I mean I assume it was a rage quit.

What Happened to this Samsung Phone Charger

Something weird happened to this phone charger, I investigate, and possibly repair it.

A Look Into some Hot Swap Server Power Supplies Taking the tops off power supplies to have a look at how they get so much power in such a small form factor.
Dollar Store Precision Screwdriver Set Review

Dollar Store Precision Screwdriver Set Review

A review of the Dollar Store Tool Bench Hardware Precision Screwdriver set. Can it be any good?
Disney Infinity Base Teardown

Disney Infinity Base Teardown

Thousands of these are going to flood second hand shops, this one thrown at me for free, but what's IN it?! Watch to find out.
Dollar Store Automatic Light Teardown

Dollar Store Automatic Light Teardown

Perfect for drawers, cabinets, walkways and more! ...but maybe not, watch to find out why! So sorry for that cringy intro...

Build a Custom Juggling Stand

Build a basic juggling stand to hold your balls, clubs, rings, scarfs, and more. In this New Things New Tech episode I take you through the steps to build a custom juggling stand.
Dollar Store Speaker Teardown

Dollar Store Speaker Teardown (E-Circuit mini powered speaker)

These little powered speakers are everywhere, even the dollar store. Are they any good? What's even inside?

Gluing a Broken Phone Charger This isn't helpful, it's like, a message, don't throw things away, fix them.

Build a Custom Mic Stand

Showcase a custom microphone stand I built for day to day use today on New Things New Tech. General overview of microphones, and mic stands. Information first followed by a build sequence.