HP C200 Digital Camera Teardown

Teardown of the HP C200 Digital Camera, a 1 Megapixel camera!

Most of the chips in it are so specialized that I couldn’t find any info on them, but I try to go over what I can with it, as well as show how much power it draws.

HP 97 Calculator Restore

HP 97 Calculator Restore

Look an HP 97 Calculator! A what? Batteries are shot and the internals are a bit wonk, I fix the inside, make it look great on the outside, and power it up! Then promptly set it on a shelf again. Sorry HP 97 Calculator.


555 Toy Organ

Fun With 555 Toy Organ Circuit

Just messing around with a 556 (two 555 timers in one) to make a crude synth. Rather old video.

SR600 Cash Register

Glory SR600 Cash Register Teardown

Glory SR600 Cash Register. Was gonna just show it off, but it doesn’t work, so teardown!

Pile 9V Battery On Oscilloscope

Pile 9V Battery on Oscilloscope with Mini Teardown


Watch the voltage output of a fried super cheap 9V battery on an oscilloscope. And then it’s torn to pieces for fun.

Exploded Multimeter Teardown

Exploded Multimeter Teardown

We take a look at a multimeter that got death by wall socket. None of us were using it when the event took place, but we assume it was amps setting with the probes on COM and V/Ohms/mA.