What is Drudge TV?

The Drudge.TV Netcast Network features variety,fun and technology based video podcasts from the creative minds of Drudge members.

Our shows are designed to provided news, commentary, help, how-to and perspectives on the latest trends with content from experts and media specialists.

Nick, Scott and Terri produce many of the shows you will view here and across the Internets. As the network expands with new hosts and participants, more variety will be available. Find out more about shows.

These shows are intended to be free like any OTA broadcast. But like any program some form of monetary support is needed to survive. So we will be using select advertising and listener donations. Each show will have limited advertising and links on page to help support the select program. Without you as a viewer we can’t exist and we hope you will use these select advertising from companies whose products or services benefit our audience.

Our facilities are small but expected to expand into a multi-million dollar studio providing quality content and support of a full staff to produce many hours of content per week.

Thanks for visiting Drudge TV! We hope you will enjoy and share the shows, and maybe you too can become involved in these programs. If you have an idea or concept you would like to see created, let us know. Perhaps you have a program that you would like to produce on Drudge TV. We welcome your feedback.